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Why Selling eBay Enterprise Might be a Mistake

Ebay recently announced they were selling their eBay Enterprises business to a private equity consortium. Ebay Enterprises consisted of Magento and a business that ran the websites for large offline businesses trying to go online. More often than not this included handling multichannel fulfillment. Now, eBay admits the business is under pressure with many companies […]

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My predictions for eBay and PayPal after split

What happens to eBay and Paypal

Many of us use both PayPal and EBay for running our online businesses and after almost 15 years, PayPal was spun off as a separate company on Friday July 17. While this will be a big plus for my stock (at least in the short run) I thought it an interesting exercise to give my […]

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Lemonstand Shopping Cart Review

I am always looking at new shopping carts that will fit the needs of myself and customers and finally got the chance to review the Lemonstand Shopping Cart. Lemonstand is a SAAS platform where you create your store and Lemonstand handles the patching, servers, etc. While I appreciate the carts I use now which include […]

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What e-commerce shopping carts work with stripe?

If you have done your research, you know that Stripe is a popular option to use as a payment provider for online transactions. The beauty of Stripe is there is no monthly fee and a flat 30 cents plus 2.9% transaction fee. You can use Stripe if you live in the United States, Canada, UK, […]

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Darn Good Camtasia Training

So if you are in the internet marketing world, you know as well as I do, video is king when it comes to teaching. It is king because people put a real value on it versus a cheap ebook. Now there are lots of ways to create video to sell but by far the simplest, […]

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Should I buy a mobile website?

I have a lot of clients that end up asking this question. Usually it is because they get a cold email or phone call from a Mobile Website company. My answer in both long form and short form are below. Short Answer: NO Long Answer: No except in very unique situations Industry Jargon Usually the […]

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The Best Starter Microphone for Video Marketers

We know video is important. It helps sales conversion and there is so much we can do with video, more and more people are creating videos to help brand and sell. Whether you are new to video marketing or if you have been doing it a while, there is one thing that really distinguishes your […]

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The Four Types of Web Designers you can Hire

So either you need a new website, or, you are looking to refresh your current ones. Many times as a local business it is easier to  hire someone to create a compelling and beautiful website for you. These four types of web designers apply whether you are starting an informational website or an e-commerce site. […]

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Three Mistakes Ecommerce Owners Make with Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words they say, yet ecommerce owners, specifically new ecommerce store owners continue to make the same mistakes when it comes to selling products on their ecommerce store. To often so much time is spent on getting everything set up and products uploaded to the system, that they make the […]

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Adding a Pop-Up to Shopify for Free

Collecting Emails for your Shopify Store Email marketing has to be one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to market your ecommerce store. Mailchimp is one of the newsletter companies that connects to pretty much any shopping cart right now. And with their Free tier, its a great way for new ecommerce store owners […]

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