Edit: The tool I show you how to use has gone from being free to now being paid. I found a different solution that works just as well, and is also free. I have not done a video for 3DCart yet though. I have done one for Shopify and you can see it here: https://onlinestorehelp.com/adding-pop-shopify-free/

Collecting emails for your 3dCart Store

I am a huge fan of email marketing. I like email marketing because it is the one thing that you really have a lot of control over. Unlike Facebook that changes its algorithm, Twitter that removes functionality or other social networks that ban you for some arbitrary reason, as long as you have your customers email addresses, you are in good shape. Add on top of this, while 25% of the internet population has an Instagram account, 98% of the population has an email address. And, they look at it daily. Email is the most common activity on the internet. So building that email address is key.

Adding a Pop Up to your 3dCart Store

So adding a pop up can be a great way to collect an email address, especially if you are providing some type of lead magnet such as a coupon code or ebook giveaway. So in this post and the video I am going to show you how to set it all up. I will do this with all free tools, Mailchimp and Sumome.com so you can test it out before you pay for it. But not to worry, the process I lay out works equally well with Get Response, Aweber, Klaviyo and about 15 other email marketing platforms. Go ahead and watch the video below and I will show you how to do it all.

I Hate Pop Ups

Many of you are going to tell me, I hate pop ups. Fair enough. But, go ahead and watch the video anyway, as at the end I will show you an alternative to a pop up called a slide up that is less intrusive but can still be a great option to collect email addresses. Using the same platform you can create a smart bar or even a welcome mat to collect those email addresses. And I will also show you a couple more other applications that come with Sumome after you install it.

Are you using Shopify?

If you are using Shopify or BigCommerce, I have tutorials for both of those as well.  You can see the Shopify tutorial at:

Adding a Pop-Up to Shopify for Free

The BigCommerce instruction is forthcoming.




Share your store

After you have installed your pop up, go ahead and share your store in the link below. I think it would be useful for people to see examples on live stores. And if you know anyone that could use this, go ahead and share using the tools on the page.

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