Are you looking for an all in one solution for your ecommerce needs, yet don’t want to go opensource? Americommerce may be the platform for you. I started using Americommerce when I had a client that had some bad experiences with open source applications, especially security, maintenance and ease of use. Given their needs (they are a wholesaler to retail stores), I set them up on Americommerce. Mainly I did this for several reasons.
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Why I chose Americommerce

  • Robust Wholesale Section – Their pricing section allows you to price robustly for both wholesale, distributors and retailers without having to set up multiple products
  • Multi-store – Since they run different companies and brands, the ability to set up stores for each of them with one platform was key. For an extra $39 per store, you can run additional stores from the back end.
  • Log in to see pricing – they wanted potential retail customers to see products but only wholesale customers to see prices so it allows you to set it up in exactly that way.

Please see the video below as I review and walk through the system

Very Robust Shopping Cart

As you will see from the review, the shopping cart is extremely powerful and gives you a lot of functionality and control over the look, feel and functionality of your ecommerce website. This is why many large international customers use them to run their ecommerce store. That being said, there is a big learning curve and it will not be for everyone.

Close Ecommerce System

Unlike some ecommerce systems, this has very few third party applications plugged into it. Unlike Shopify or BigCommerce that have literally hundreds of third party developers, Americommerce doesn’t even provide Mailchimp access which I thought everyone did. But again, with everything built into the cart, you very well won’t need those third parties to run it.

Just because there aren’t third party developers, doesn’t mean there isn’t the ability to integrate. For example, if you use Linkshare or other third party affiliate platforms, they allow you to integrate those in, you just won’t see applications like JustUno on the platform.

Who is Americommerce for?

If you need a robust shopping cart application, with the ability control the look and feel down to the minute level, and run multiple stores, this is the platform for you. If you need something simpler, with a small learning curve, Americommerce won’t be for you. That being said, if you take the time to really learn the platform, it is a great resource to starting up your online business. Click the banner below to get your free trial!
Start selling online with AmeriCommerce

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