EDIT: Just to let you know, the platform I suggest in this video is now paid. I have done a new video for Shopify but have not been able to record it for BigCommerce yet. You can see the post here: https://onlinestorehelp.com/adding-pop-shopify-free/

When I get a chance to do it for BigCommerce I will  upload it here.

Creating a Pop Up with BigCommerce

If you watched my video of creating a pop up with Shopify and want to do the same for BigCommerce, keep on reading. BigCommerce is another popular platform to create ecommerce sites with. In my opinion,  It is more full featured than Shopify but is also a little harder to add things to. In the video below, I am going to teach you how add a Pop up for free on your BigCommerce store.

Why Email?

Email marketing has to be one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to market your ecommerce store. Mailchimp is one of the newsletter companies that connects to pretty much any shopping cart right now. And with their Free tier, its a great way for new ecommerce store owners to get started. Of course, the hard part is actually getting prospects to sign up to your email list. Website pop ups have been found to be a very effective way of collecting email addresses.

Email is not enough!

Unfortunately just having a newsletter is not enough to get people to sign up. You need to give them a reason to sign up. This could be a free ebook, a welcome series of email or what I show you in this video, is using a coupon code to entice them to sign up. We call this a lead magnet. With a lead magnet, you will get people to sign up more often then just a simple sign up form. Finally, once we have our lead magnet in place, we want to create a pop up to grab their attention when they come to your site. But don’t worry, even if you don’t like a pop up I show you a couple other ways to grab their attention.

If you haven’t already watched I go over the same thing for Shopify and for 3dCart.

You can watch the Shopify video HERE.

You can watch the 3DCart video HERE.

Need to try some of these services?




Show us an example of how you used this.

Every one loves real world examples. Leave a link to your site in the comments and everyone can see how you are using Sumo Me to create a pop up on your site.

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