Not everyone starting out can afford to have Photoshop nor do they have the skills to remove the background of many of their photos. This blog post will go over how to remove them using an online tool absolutely free.

So if you are selling online, you may need to remove the background of your image. In fact, if you are selling on Amazon, they require you to have a plain white background on your product photos to be approved. Even if you are not selling on Amazon, the plane white background has actually been shown to increase conversions in some cases by up to 300%. I can’t pretend to know the psychology around it, but I imagine it focuses your eye on the product and not on any background data.  If you get a chance, go ahead and watch the video above as I walk you through the step by step process. If you rather not watch a video, read on.


If you haven’t heard about Bonanza, then you should really check it out. Bonanza is a marketplace similar to Etsy, eBay and . The great thing about Bonanza is it gets consistently high reviews compared to eBay and on top of that, their fee structure is significantly better than eBay or Amazon. No listing fee and the final value fee is on average, about 3.5%, which is quite a bit less than eBay’s 12% and Amazon’s 15%.

The really need thing that Bonanza has done is create a free platform to remove the background on your product photos. The tool can be found at .


The site is Really Intuitive. Just drag your photo into the box where it tells you. The system them starts to “Burn” the image.


After the image is burned, you are given an option of which one to choose. It may be two but I have seen as many as 4 options to choose from. The system is not perfect so we need to tell it what we need,


I chose the image on the right since there is less to fix. Mind you, this image is actually pretty complicated since normally you would do an image in front of a plane background. This is just a picture of a cup of coffee at a coffee shop.


So now we choose the “Touch Up” option at the bottom of the picture which will allow us to refine the image. When we come into the touch up button we change the outlines to represent something we want in the foreground to be kept or the background to be removed.


When you are finished, this is what you are left with. Now mind you, because of the complexity of the background, this actually was a difficult product to remove the background image.


Once you are done you have two options. One, sign up for a free account and download it. Or you can add in your own background from stock images and backgrounds they already have.


As you can see, I chose a burlap background that I thought  matched with the coffee giving you a sense of a coffee bag.


If you don’t have the time to do all of this and have a few dollars to spend on editing, go ahead and check out  For a small fee they will professionally remove the background images for you.



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