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Case Study of moving from WooCommerce to Shopify

As ecommerce has become a more popular medium to sell products, there are a lot of “marketers” looking to build ecommerce sites for potential store owners. Unfortunately, many of these interenet marketers have never really created ecommerce sites, and in fact, have never used anything beyond wordpress to create a website.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like wordpress a lot (and I think the woo framework is great). In fact, this site is built with wordpress (and a woo themes theme) and I use it in a variety of capacities, but I just don’t use it for ecommerce when there are tons of platforms out there, designed for ecommerce and do it so much better. In fact, in my opinion, it’s just plain lazy when a web designer uses wordpress to create an ecommerce store.

I am of the opinion that you use the best platform suited to your customer. For example, I tend to use WordPress for informational sites, Drupal for very large membership sites (Associations for example) and a variety of shopping cart applications from Shopify up to Magento.

A Woocommerce Crisis

About a week ago, I got a call from a friend of a friend. His girlfriend had been trying to build an ecommerce website for close to 6 months and was getting no where. The developer she had hired had disappeared, couldn’t be found and after all this time, the website was still broke. The checkout wouldn’t work and there were bugs all over the place that he couldn’t seem to fix. I said I would take a look and see if I could help.

Upon looking at the website and the backend I noticed something alarming that I am seeing more and more by “developers” (I use that term loosely) trying to create websites for people. It was hosted on cheap hosting, using wordpress and woocommerce and there had to be close to 20 plugins installed. More often then not, this is the first indication someone doesn’t know what they are doing. If they can’t do it with a plugin, it can’t be done. This includes simple social media buttons as well.

I tested the site, found out she was having a PayPal IPN issue. This is just the notification PayPal sends back to your website to talk to the shopping cart. I am seeing these issues with cheap hosts more and more as they have weird firewall settings. I tried to give her some instruction but she didn’t even have access to the hosting account.

Shopify to the Rescue

She was on the verge of quitting so what I did, was set up a quick and dirty Shopify website that matched pretty close to her existing website with one difference, it worked. She asked if she could use the platform as she just wanted a website up quick. So all I did, was go ahead, download all her products from wordpress, format them into a CSV that Shopify could read and literally in 2 hours, she had a website with all her products loaded and ready to go. All we had to do is make edits and formatting changes to reflect the difference between Woocommerce and Shopify.

Her graphics person created the banners we needed, I had her set up a shopify payments account and for less money than she was paying for her woocommerce store, she had a fully functional e-commerce website with no hassles. To compare the pricing:

WooCommerce Site:

Hosting: $10

PayPal Pro: $30

SSL: $5/month

Total:  $45/month


Monthly Fee: $29

Shopify Payments: Free

SSL:  Free

Total: $29

On top of this, she doesn’t have to pay someone to keep her website up to date. That is Shopify’s job.

PCI Compliance

The other great thing about moving to a hosted solution is PCI Compliance (Payment Card Industry). Come 2015 being out of compliance can cost you money for data breaches. Since wordpress is one of the most hacked platforms on the planet, it is something to consider. Shopify is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant. What does this mean? It is the highest compliance available from the credit card industry.

Frustrated with your E-Commerce Store?

If you are frustrated with your wordpress e-commerce store, try out Shopify. You can always set up WordPress on a subdomain (i.e. blog.mywebsite.com) and run your blog from there while still having all the functionality and ease. Check it out below as they have a free 14 day trial. Or, if you want help, CONTACT ME and I can help you out.

For your 14 Day Shopify Trial Check Out Below:




Screenshots before and after:


Woocommerce Before Shot








Shopify After Shot







If you want to check out the live site, head to COMPLEMENT YOUR STYLE to check it out.

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