February 2, 2017

Today I decided to take a page from Matt Giovanisci over at Money Lab and do a money challenge. My goal is to launch a new membership site by the end of February. I keep a list of ideas but I have been procrastinating and they continue to languish. So I am going to document launching a membership site by the end of February which gives me 27 days. I am not sure if I will get it done but I will sure as heck try.

A list of idea

So I keep a list of ideas that I want to build courses around. But if that list doesn’t convert to an actual product, then its worthless. So lets get started.


Many of you don’t know that I run a private label coffee business where I sell roasted to order coffee to gourmet coffee buyers. I also sell some local Kona coffee which is an easy sell since the restaurants that serve it do the advertising for me.

Anyone looking for either a side of full time business with a little bit of hustle, could do very well with a private label coffee or tea business. Compared to other consumable products business, the cost to start are low, margins can be good, and with the proper marketing, you can have a nice sustainable recurring business.

So my membership site will be how to create your own private label coffee business. This will be perfect for people that want to get into e-commerce, those in MLM that aren’t having success and can be done part time or full time. So high level overview will be:

  • Sales Channel
  • Defining different coffee tiers
  • How to source and private label coffee
  • How to create a website that sells
  • Marketing your coffee store

So my to do for the next few days, I need to outline much of what I need to do.

Stay tuned.

February 4

So its Saturday, and I needed to move a little closer to getting this prepared. So today’s I outlined the course structure. I can be really bad about project management so I am using Asana which has a free tier to both outline and track my progress.


I may change things a little bit as I move a long but this will also allow me to go back to this as a template for future projects. I have already outlined the basic structure of the course. This will be a 4 part series. Part one will go through coffee culture as well how to find the coffee. Part 2 will talk about branding. Part 3 will talk about creating your website and part 4 will be marketing and selling your coffee.

I am thinking of doing one upsell. I tend to avoid WordPress for e-commerce and use hosted carts but maybe my up sell will be about using something like Woocommerce or Cart66 since the subscription service will be important. If you think I should just add it as a bonus, leave a comment below.

Two Hours Later…

Using Keynote, I have created 5 different slide decks to use in the Part 1 intro. Tomorrow I will start thinking about a domain name.