So 2015 is almost done and its time to reflect on wins, losses and how I have an am prepared for 2016. Self reflection is always a great way to focus yourself and sharing with others keeps you on track to your goals. I am going to share with you not only my wins but my losses as well. I hate these posts where all they tell you is how awesome they are. Every has things that didn’t work out perfectly and by ignoring those, your business wont grow like it should.

Big Wins

My web design business has done real well. A lot of it has to deal with picking up one large client that included several new websites, video, email marketing and social media training. I then blended in with other projects and smaller web design and commerce design projects, as well as maintenance projects and it created a nice steady income for me through out the year. Big bonus, this same client gave me small office space so I don’t have to work at home or at a coffee shop.


I created two online courses this year that were great for content, professionally done and very niche focuses. I finished them and then completely sat on them, not even promoting them. Add to this, because I waited so long, the tech has changed and I need to re-record a bunch of it.

I need to really have a marketing plan with my courses, not just a hope for the best attitude. I am finishing up a new autoresponder series for my website (that is also going through a redo). I will also re-record my courses and redo the sales pages and create new optins. I will then start playing with Facebook Ads.

Future Endeavors

I am looking forward to 2016 with all the prep I have done and relationships I have built. I have one course I am working on with a colleague, that is well needed, people are asking for and we think we can charge between $300 and $500 for. That is phase 1 only.

I have a goal to complete 6 different courses in 2016 AND market them well. Some will be ones I have put off, some in the Make Money niche, but others in the teach you how to do things to grow your existing business. For those that took my original video cheap skate course, that includes me redoing that for version 2.0. Of course being on my list, I will be providing it as a deep discount for you.


I spent a lot of money this year on equipment. Essentially my rule is, spend the extra dollars for quality equipment that not only lasts, but is flexible as my business grows. Any time I stray from this philosophy, it comes back to bite me. For example, I spent $200 on a Zoom H4N, and stopped using my Blue Snow Ball and headsets for recording.


On Cyber Monday I bought a an 27” iMac. This gives me huge flexibility in my editing, site building and screen real estate. Combine that with a 20 inch monitor that is horizontal, and I am ready for 2016. I also use Cable Matters swapable external HD containers which seem to work much better than portable hard drives.


2015, I invested heavily in video. I bought a Canon T5i, a Sigma, f1.8 18-35MM lens and Sennheiser professional wireless lapel system. Add to this a ND filter, Monopod, Tripod and other equipment (mini slider) puts me in a good position for 2016. I already have a client lined up for some videos.

Where I didn’t follow my rule, is I bought inexpensive light boxes that to be honest, I can’t stand. They are too big, easily fall down and if I just would spent the couple hundred extra, I could have had LED’s. Which I am buying in the next two weeks.

Lifestyle wins and losses.


One place I am not proud of, is my health. I abandoned the gym, ate what ever the hell I wanted in the last two years, and it now shows in my waistline. Starting in November I started going to the gym again, but man, its hard. One thing I have done, is started a side niche project where I can document what I am doing to motivate me.


To this day, still happily married. I have a very supportive wife who is also wickedly smart. The only difficulty was our little dog who had to have cataract surgery to give her site back. Since she is only 5 it was a shame for her to be blind. One eye was a resounding success with the other eye having her retina detach. While not a 100% win, she can see, she is happy and we can’t complain. Let me tell you, drugs are expensive when you don’t have insurance to cover the costs.

Software and courses Bought

I bought or downloaded a bunch of software this year. Some were by internet marketers, others by non IM companies. Just to name a few…

Camtasia for Mac
Sublime Text
Video Motion Pro
Long Tail Pro

I still use screen flow more than Camtasia on the mac. Sublime Text is for coding, Explaindio I hardly use, Easy VSL I hardly use and Video Motion Pro, I use for some lower thirds and that is it. I hate to say it but… software by IM’ers, well it kinda sucks. Out of all the software I bought, doing it over again, I would only by Video Motion Pro, and only because of its lower thirds. Long Tail Pro was worth it from a keyword search since it is easier than Market Samurai to use.
2016 I will be cautious about buying more software. I find I end up using my off the shelf software much more often.

Courses Taken
One Month Rails
Complete Web Designer Course
Video Video Video. I took several courses on DSLR, iPhone, editing and other courses. They ranges anywhere between $47 and $297.

Plans for 2016

I will redo 3 existing courses and market them, I have 1 course in a niche where people have told me they need it and want to buy it I have been putting off. I also started and need to finish a Make Money course I have had on my back burner for a while. I think I will also do one more while on vacation.

I need to drop at least 30 pounds over the next year. It is just a given to fit back into my clothes, get my health where it needs to be and plain be happier with myself.

I also relaunched in December. The site had gotten corrupted and is way out of date. I even have a new autoresponder series I set up.

I am looking forward to 2016 and think there is a lot to look forward to this year. What are your goals and plans this year? Go ahead and leave a comment. Now is the perfect time to give thoughts to your wins, losses and the future.

Wishing everyone a great new year and a successful 2016.

Share a win and lesson learned

Go ahead and share a win and lesson learned in the comments below. If you want to share a goal for 2016, go ahead and do that as well!

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