UNAMEIt doesn’t matter whether you sell products online or just in a local storefront, every store should have a website.  The cost and ease of having a website is getting easier and easier every day.  Many store owners will argue that they don’t need a website since they have a Facebook fan page or some other social media page that people can find.  While social media is a good start, it is even more important to have your own website.

Phone Books are dying

  • Most people’s first reaction is to head to the web to find out information on a store.
    • Store Hours
    • Location
    • Product
    • Phone Numbers
    • With 1/3 of consumers having a web connected smart phone, looking up your site on the web is easier and faster than a phone book.


  • A website allows you to control what a customer sees and knows about you.
  • Adding additional pages of information cost you next to nothing.
  • No need to worry about competitor ads showing up next to your listing on social media sites and phone books.
  • No need to worry what the next big thing is.
    • Regardless of what social media platform you use, websites are the one consistent source of information.
    • Adding buttons to the next new social media site is easy with a website.


  • Websites are quick and affordable to start up.
  • Get a fully customizable website for the cost of a three line ad
  • Get a fully functional ecommerce website for less than the cost of a full page ad
  • Monthly maintenance is nominal
  • No limit to how much information you can put on your website


  • Easy to keep information on your company up to date.
    • Immediately fix errors
    • No ad cycles to worry about
    • Notify customers about sales, events and other information quickly and easily.
      • Company blogs and news
      • Email lists that are easy to integrate on to your website.


  • Easy to communicate with customers
  • Drive sales with inbound marketing and information
  • Customers can access information 24/7/365 about you.
  • Compliments your print, radio and TV advertising.


  • Your competitors are doing it.
  • Guess which store customers will visit more often?

If you don’t have a website then you are slowly going to get left behind.  If you need to build a website and don’t know where to start, let us know.  Whether you are looking for a fully functional ecommerce website, mobile website or informational website, we have platforms ready to work for you.  Go ahead and contact us to find out more!

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