Looking for a balance between ease of use and control over the look and feel of your ecommerce platform? CoreCommerce might be the right application for you. Watch the video below as I walk you through the pros and cons of the Corecommerce shopping cart system.

What is great about CoreCommerce?

After using corecommerce a couple years ago, I revisited it recently for a customer that had specific needs that were not being fulfilled by the other hosted shopping cart. While I ended up not using them for this particular customer, I was pleasantly surprised by the functionality and ease of use of this shopping cart application. In particular, Corecommerce allows you:

  • Lots of control over the look and feel of your website
    • Lots of themes you can use
    • Control the look and feel of the theme by using widgets
    • Control site wide  fonts with about 30 different fonts included
    • Change the colors of buttons, links, etc.
  • Integrated Marketing Programs including
    • Integrated affiliate program – Allow marketers to drive traffic to your store and get paid when someone buys.
    • Normal Comparison shopping feeds but also, Bing Shopping which is free
    • Reward points
    • Refer a Friend
  • Allows customers to sign in with their Google, Facebook or Twitter account
  • Internal Autoresponder and newsletter system – while not as sophisticated as third party platforms (MailChimp, Get Response), it is a great way to get started.
  • Miscellanous programs such as deal a day.
  • No transaction fees.
  • Mailing service – Click here for the mailing service integration I talked about. MAILING SERVICE

What don’t I like about CoreCommerce?

  • While they have an integrated blog, it is very basic.
  • Their third party ecosystem is not up to the scale that Shopify and BigCommerce enjoy. They have about 10 integrations compared to the hundreds that Shopify and BigCommerce have.
  • Supports the main payment system but I wish it supported Stripe.
  • Widget Control – While they give you a lot of widget control I wish they gave you the ability to sort by variants or attributes.
  • No unlimited bandwidth on the lower level plans. Bandwidth is cheap

Pleasantly surprised about Corecommerce

As I stated above, I was pleasantly surprised about corecommerce. It seems to balance functionality and ease of use and I would say it would be a comparable to BigCommerce in many ways. If you want to go ahead and try it free for 15 days. just click the banner below.

Questions or thoughts? Pipe up below and we will try and answer it!

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