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Whether you are creating a blog, informational website or ecommerce website it is important that you have a privacy policy.  A privacy policy tells visitors what you do with their information.  It is also something that is required by Google, especially if you use their Adsense program to run ads on your website.  Watch the video below on how to create  a free Privacy Policy you can use for your website.

What to Consider with these Privacy Policies

These privacy policies will work just fine for most new websites.  Over time, as you make more money and get a better grasp of your business, you might want to have a lawyer review the policy and make changes.  What is nice about this method, is you save yourself a ton of time and money since you come to the Attorney with a privacy policy already made.  All he or she needs to do is review and make the changes they think are necessary.  The lawyer doesn’t need to create a privacy policy from scratch for you.

Privacy Policy Resources

There are multiple websites that will help you create a privacy policy for you to use but the the site I chose for this video has other resources that are great for website owners.  For example they have the same process for Online Terms and Conditions for those starting out.  I wouldn’t call it the best but it is way better then going without one. .  If you want to create your own Privacy Policy, the link is below:

You can also check out the following website to help you make a free privacy policy for your websites:

If you have other sites that you like, go ahead and share them with everyone!


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