So if you are in the internet marketing world, you know as well as I do, video is king when it comes to teaching. It is king because people put a real value on it versus a cheap ebook. Now there are lots of ways to create video to sell but by far the simplest, is with screen casting.

What is screencasting?

In its simplest form, screencasting is recording your computer screen so that you can teach and inform others. For example, I use screen casting for my offline clients to teach them how to use their websites. It is also super simple to do sales videos by capturing your full screen powerpoint or keynote presentation.

The best tools

Really there are only two tools I would recommend for anyone doing screencasting. The first one, the grand daddy of them all, is Camtasia. Camtasia is still the most powerful application out there and your only real choice for windows users out there. In fact, I don’t even talk about the other options since lets be realistic, there isn’t one.

If you are an Apple user, then you have two choices. Of course, Camtasia, but I will warn you, it has a different look and feel than the windows version, one that to be honest, I don’t like using. But, for the same price, Screenflow is another strong platform to create screen casts. Both platforms use the native screen capture functionality of a Mac.

Not just Screen Capture

The great thing about these platforms, they are not just for capturing your screen. There are two other biggies you can use them for. The first, is creating graphic and Kinetic Presentations, a fancy work for Text that fly in and out of the screen with lots of colors. The second is your ability to actually edit live video from your iphone and android devices.

Intro GIF

Now, if you are using a PC, then lets be realistic, you need to be using Camtasia to be able to do all of this.

Camtasia Training

So if you need to learn how to use Camtasia to create these type of videos as well as learning the ins and outs of screencasting, then I need to introduce you to Screencastpro from Joey Xoto and Lon Naylor.



The link above should take you to a series of videos. Now, the second video in the series is absolutely key as it shows you how to make a logo intro without having to pay someone to do it and it looks great. If you end up buying, make sure you go through my link to get the access to the bonuses I have provided for you which includes graphics, and access to a couple other course.

Screenflow Users

But don’t worry Screenflow users. What they taught can be used with screenflow as well and I have also provides two of the tutorials in screenflow files for you to download as well. Just click the link below and see their initial videos.

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