There is a great article about online shopping at NPR today.  It talks about a woman who does most of her shopping online.  While they talk about free shipping and discounts, never once was it mentioned that she did it to save on Sales Tax.  To quote from the article

“Over the years, Houseman says her love of convenience has trumped any initial misgivings about the security of using a credit card online, as well as those about having to make returns. She says she even gets better customer service online, with some e-tailers responding to tweeted customer complaints.”

Convenience and customer service are key to success in the retail world.  You know you provide great customer service but your online store can also provide a greater selection of goods to your customers.

“Her husband, Andrew Houseman, likes the ability to custom-order things on the Web. ”

Don’t be fooled.  Walmart is not worried about the lack of sales tax, but at more customers moving to the online world.  Last year, online shopping only accounted for 7% of U.S. Retail sales happened online.  That is expected to continue to climb.

Need an online store to compete?  It is easier and easier every day.  Let us help you build a store to compliment your physical storefront.  If you want to do it yourself, we can even direct you to the best platforms for physical stores to open their e-commerce presence.

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