Three Mistakes Ecom Owners PicsA picture is worth a thousand words they say, yet ecommerce owners, specifically new ecommerce store owners continue to make the same mistakes when it comes to selling products on their ecommerce store. To often so much time is spent on getting everything set up and products uploaded to the system, that they make the same three mistakes when it comes to the pictures on their website.

Not to worry though. While I will show you the three mistakes ecommerce owners make with pictures, I will show you a simple and free way to correct it.

Mistake Number One – E-Commerce Pictures

The file size is to big. If you are receiving pictures from a manufacturer or distributor it is highly likely, they are going to be huge, like 2 or 3 MB huge. The picture is uploaded which means the site takes longer to load, the products take longer to load making for a poor user experience.

Mistake Number Two – E-commerce Pictures

There is not enough pictures. For may products, customers want to see the product from multiple angles. They want to see close ups of product details, close up of interiors, authenticity labels and anything else that helps the buyer make a decision. To many times I see products over $100 with one single generic picture and then I get questions on why I don’t have conversions.

This seems to happen a lot with things like bags and briefcases where you see a single picture. Unfortunately, the buyer wants to see how the bag can be used, is there space for his or her laptop? What does the hardware look like. Now, a lot of times this happens because you are using a dropshipper that does not provide more then one picture.

Mistake Number Three – E-Commerce Pictures

No consistency in product pictures. Two often I have seen sites that have all white backgrounds and then sticking out in the middle is a picture with a gray background. If you have lots of different backgrounds, that is great but remember, 9 squares of white and 1 square of gray will throw people off.

The bigger deal to me is when people are not consistent with their picture shapes. You have been to those websites that have one long rectangle pictures with a square one right next to it. You get this inconsistent look and feel that gives your website an unpolished, amateurish look.

Fixing the Three Picture Mistakes on your Ecommerce Store

Not to worry though, there is a simple way to fix all the above and to fix it quite easily. Now, before you think I am going to say, photoshop, you are wrong. While I do use Photoshop (it’s well worth the investment in my opinion) I know many shop owners are on a tight budget at first. So the video below will show you how to fix this in a free, online tool to make your life easy. Just watch the video below to see how.

Why it Matter?

Remember people are trusting you with their hard earned dollars and the impression you give counts. Even a retail store doesn’t need to be fancy, but it needs to be cleaned and well organized to give people confidence to spend money with you. But unlike a retail store, no one is face to face with a clerk or even an owner in a strip mall to look them in your eyes.

Don’t believe me? Look at all the Google Trusted Stores and you will notice they all have consistency in look and feel, all load pretty fast and all provide multiple pictures and angles. You don’t have to be Amazon to look big.

Bonus: Not filling out your Alt Text. For many people new to the internet they don’t realize they need this. Essentially Alt tags were created for vision impaired individuals. There are screen text readers that look for the alt tag to figure out what the picture is about. The search engines also use this for ranking factors. Its easy, when you upload a picture, fill in the Alt Text with a description, preferably with your keyword.

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