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It is amazing the variety of people you meet in restaurants, bars and even the airport.  One evening my girlfriend and I happened to start up a conversation with a women we found out, did adult modeling on webcams.  She was just establishing herself in the business and after discussing how the business works, I gave her some advice on how to maximize her revenue in the business till she was ready to get out or move up.  These are great tips for any webcam model or any model that works in the adult business, whether a webcam model, adult performer, fetish, etc.

How it works

Most webcam models get started by subscribing to a service that pulls all the various different models together.  The viewers then pay tips via credits sold by the webcam company, and the models are then of course paid a percentage based on the “currency”.  For many this is a great way of getting noticed.  Of course the difficulty is, it is easy for viewers to click off your profile, onto a new one.

Securing your clientele

Where webcam models really profit is when they move revenues off of the webcam platform and deal directly with their customers.  This could include anything from signed photographs, fan specials, purchasable videos or where some do well, is gifts bought for them from clients.  Not only do you maintain control over your clients, but revenue is not split with the web cam company.  In addition, the clients have a more personal one on one relationship with you.

Your own website

Because you are branding you, I think it is important for you to have your own website with your own domain name.  Where to build your platform depends on what you want to do with it.  Is it an informational site where you can communicate with your followers, tell them about you and host your wish list?   Are you looking to sell photos, videos and other branded material?  Either way, you want platforms that act as your marketing hub.

Informational Websites for webcam models

If you just want to interact with your customers, host free pictures, tell them about your wishlists and when you will be on video, an informational site is what you need and want.  The best platform for this will be WordPress.  WordPress is powerful, easy to customize, lots of support and gives you full control.  Even better, it is very easy to update and maintain.  You also do not have to worry about going against the terms of service since you host it yourself.  My tip to webcam models is not to use a service like Wix, since it can be slow, not mobile optimized and still runs a chunk on flash.  They have converted to HTML 5 but not all browsers are accepting it.

ECommerce Websites for Webcam Models

If you are looking to sell videos, pictures, t-shirts or credits to your webcam show, using an ecommerce cart is important.  Because you are selling adult content, you can not use PayPal or Google Checkout because if they find out, they will lock your account.  The cart I suggest for adult businesses is from a company called Shopify using an App called Fetch.  I suggest Shopify for webcam models for several reasons.  The are adult friendly, meaning they don’t restrict adult content.  Two, they are hooked up with tons of merchant account providers so you are not stuck with Paypal.  Finally, the Fetch app is extremely easy to integrate (push button), and allows webcam models to sell downloadable content.

Edit:  I have recently learned Shopify is cracking down on adult products and locking people out.  While I think it is still ok for “novelty items” if you are selling videos they may not like it.

Maximizing Wish Lists and Gifts

Many webcam models allow followers to send gifts to them.  You can actually profit from them buying and sending you gifts as well.  Before you do though, make sure you set up a mailbox at UPS or the Postal Service so they can’t track where you live.  Because you provide a list for them to buy from, participating in the website affiliate program lets you profit from them buying from you.

Your own Membership Site

What better way to create recurring income then by having your own membership site.  Models such as Francine Dee and others use this as a way to draw in recurring revenue and interact with their customers.  What is great about this model, is it allows you to share revenue with affiliates that drive traffic and sign ups for you, making your marketing that much easier.  Most models think setting up a membership site is extremely difficult but in reality, it is not really that difficult or expensive.  We can create them for you for a nominal fee.

Affiliate programs for webcam models

The best way to explain this would be to use as an example.  You can sign up for associate program.  You can then create “links”, in the system that when your members purchase to buy for you, will actually pay you a commission based on the gross sales.  Amazon’s is chinzy compared to others but for a webcam model, if she gets a $100 pair of shoes and Amazon pays you 4%, that is still an extra $4.  Where you can do very well is in your lingerie sales.  Sign up for a (HerRoom Lingerie We Buy For Ourselves) and pick out lingerie you like, and they pay out 8% which can add up over time.  Below is just a short listing of the various affiliate programs you can join.

Linkshare :  This program carries tons of lingerie shops, shoe shops, as well as adult items.

Shareasale:  Clothing, shoes and stripper accessories

CJ: Carries some big names incluing Gap, Banana Republic, Wacoal, and La Perla

Amazon Affiliate Program

Social Media

Certain social media platforms work really well for webcam models.  Facebook is difficult because you can’t display nudity but still a great way for webcam models to build a following.  Most webcam models have done very well with Twitter since they can notify their followers about upcoming shows.  I suggest using an application like Hootsuite ( HootSuite Pro – Free 30 day trial ) to manage your postings.

Tips for webcam models

Get started today building your brand today.  If you need help, hire someone.  We help lots of companies and brands get started marketing themselves, building campaigns and creating noise about them.  We are discrete too and professional and would welcome the opportunity to work with you.  Ready to start your own wordpress site, the first thing you need is get hosting.  My choices have changed based on mergers. I do not recommend Site5. I will update shortly. My host I use does not accept adult so I can’t recommend it.


Once you are signed up, its easy to install wordpress right from the platform.  Need a domain name?  Either GoDaddy or Namecheap are who I suggest.  Or we can get you started.

Just Contact Us to get started

Follow Up: Would you like to learn how to create your own membership website like the pro’s use without having to pay a web designer? If there is interest I will create an over the shoulder look where you watch me create a membership site and follow along. If you can let me know below I would appreciate it.

Building Your Own Membership Site

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