Why I use Godaddy.com and Namecheap and why you should too!

For several years now, I have registered my domains with two registrars, GoDaddy.com and Namecheap.com .  I don’t use GoDaddy for hosting or other services but for domain names they have been fantastic for me.  I work with multiple clients that use other registrars and in the end, it becomes a nightmare to manage.  Go Daddy may not be the cheapest but for domains I have found I use them the most.

Client Nightmares when not using Godaddy.com

I have had two clients now, that when they have used other registrars, have called me up in a panic.   Usually it is because their website just ends up being down one day without any knowledge as to why.  Unfortunately it falls to me to investigate.

Ignored Transfer Requests

I had one ecommerce client that tried to transferring her domain name to the cart provider.  She did this without my help and called me up one day in a panic because her site was down.  She was mad at the Cart provider and me (of course) because her site wasn’t up.  In this case, the old Registrar ignored the transfer request, then decided to reset all her settings.  In addition, this happened 6 weeks after the transfer request.  I have never had an issue with Go Daddy transfers and if you give them your domain settings, they will set it up for you.

Locked out with no way of accessing their Account

I had a second client who had forgotten the password to his registrar account.  Guess what, it has happened to all of us, forgetting a password.  But instead of the normal, reset my password, they had no option to reset your password.  Add to this, they had no way to call a customer service rep.  This is the same registrar that wouldn’t let me add a non WWW domain to his records.  This means, if you didn’t have the WWW in front of his domain, it wouldn’t take you to his website.  In the end, I had him transfer it to Go Daddy.  They walked him through the entire process and he is happy he can call or email for any type of help.

Quick updates.

When you do any changes to your domain, it takes time for those changes to refresh through out the entire system.  Many times they warn you to give it 24 to 48 hours before DNS changes propagate through the system.  With Go Daddy, most of my changes take affect within an hour, two at the most.  This way you are not waiting around for changes to take effect.


Some people tell me Go Daddy can be expensive but I have never had an issue with their pricing.  I always have coupons for folks for inexpensive domain names.  If anything, GoDaddy is very good with upsells of services, but they are easy to ignore.  If I need a cheap domain, then I use NameCheap which is another great registrar.  Most of my customers don’t care if its $15 versus $12, they just want it to work.

Register your Domain with a good Registrar

When its time to buy a domain name, please be careful who you register it with.  If you are having someone create a site for you, let them purchase it since they will be responsible for making changes.  But if you are looking for a good domain, take a look at my two favorite registrars, Go Daddy and Namecheap.

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